• "You kept your word, so I am keeping my word. Thank you for doing a great job with my dad's estate. You showed up on time to meet me. You sold everything that you said would sell and I received my check a week after the sale. Much respect to you and your crew."
    – Steve Bailey
  • "I AM SO GLAD I called Blue leaf auctions. I had them do my mom's house after she passed. When I say they took so much stress off my plate, I mean it. They handled everything. I was going to donate a lot of it and an friend said to call a company to do it for you. It was much easier than I thought. They met me and we had a sale soon after and I received a check right away. I was amazed that the stuff I was going to donate sold for more than I ever thought it would. I would recommend them to anyone."
    – Sara Martin
  • "Amazing job start to finish. Blue leaf auctions came in and handled everything from A to Z. My dad was really nervous about moving and leaving his home of 40 year. They were courteous and delicate with his feeling and time frame. The sale was great and my dad was very happy with the process and outcome. I would recommend Blue leaf auctions to anyone considering having a sale. They will take a lot of stress off your hands."
    – Desmond Gagliano
  • "I am truly amazed with this company. They were very professional from the beginning and carried the auction out perfectly! I was recommended to hire an auction company rather than have an estate sale, I found Blue Leaf and I am happy to say I made the right decision by signing a contract with them. They did not disappoint!"
    – Camila M.
  • "Awesome Job!!!! Is the first word coming to mind. I could have never done this myself. Truth be told my mom was a hoarder and left us a mess to deal with. Blue Leaf was so patient, punctual, friendly and very professional with me and my siblings. They guided us through every step of the process. We all felt confident and put my mind at ease during a time that can be somewhat stressful. They did an amazing job sorting, picturing, securing personal items we all wanted. Most importantly they did a great job selling a house full of years of collecting. I talked to many other companies and I'm so happy I made the right choice and went with them. I was shocked how smoothly everything went from beginning to end. They went above and beyond without a doubt. It was a pleasure working with them."
    – Darlene
  • "I would highly recommend Blue Leaf Auctions if you are considering doing a sale. The entire group was extremely professional, easy to contact and responsive to my concerns! We were so impressed with all they did! We hired them to run an estate auction at my mother's house in Phoenix, they moved quickly and were so organized! They posted a ton of pictures of the items for sale on their website and there was such a great turnout of people for a mid-week sale. The communication was great throughout the process. Overall, we were very happy with their service!"
    – Retta Vasko
  • "Our realtor referred Blue leaf estate auctions to us, they came highly recommended and I can see why. I will recommend them every time someone asks me about our move. My husband and I were stressed out about our house selling very quickly. Stephanie and Roland helped turn a stressful situation into an easy transition to Ohio. I was surprised that everything they said would sell, sold. I tried selling the dining room table on offer up with no luck. They were able to sell it for more than I was asking on offer up. Roland is very funny and entertaining, everyone at the auction was having fun buying our stuff. I was shocked at the amount of people that showed up. I could not have asked for a better experience. I would absolutely recommend these nice people who are professional and hard working."
    – Melanie Bradley
  • "This company was top notch from the first phone call. We we’re overwhelmed with the sudden passing of my brother, Rowlan came out right away and jumped into action. Blue Leaf handled everything with sensitivity for the family and professionalism. I can’t express my thanks enough from me and my Family. I would highly recommend Blue Leaf Auctions."
    – Dale S
  • "You guys were wonderful, the estate auction was much easier than I expected. I couldn't believe how fast everything was sold and moved out that day. We were so please that the old car sold and did better than we had hoped. I can't thank you enough for helping our family during this transition in our lives. We would recommend you to anyone."
    – Evelyn Oliver
  • "Blue Leaf and their crew did a great job with my grandmother’s house. She was there for over 20 years and had a house full of many things. They were very patient and accommodating with me and my family as we decided what to do with the house. My grandmother’s passing was a very difficult time for my mom and they were perfect and respectful with making sure she kept sentimental items that meant so much to her. I appreciated that and their honesty with what some items would sell for. They had the auction in one day and everything sold with very little clean up. It was really impressed and had never seen anything like it. It was really a neat experience, I didn’t think they would sell everything in one day, but they did. I can’t thank you enough for all that you did to help us through this tough time. You made it easy for us and my grandmother’s house sold a few weeks later. This is a great company I would recommend them to anyone who needs to sell the stuff in a house."
    – Lidiya Orlovis
  • "I sent an email to Blue leaf estate auctions on Sunday and received a call back within 15 minutes. They were very accommodating and were able to schedule to come out and meet with me the next day. Ira arrived right on time in uniform and he took the time to explain exactly what and how they would go about selling the contents of my home. I understood and was completely satisfied with the meeting the way they planned on handling my sale. They were able to schedule my auction right away since I was out of time. Everything sold as promised in our initial meeting. I received my check and was pleased with the whole experience over all. I really appreciate their professionalism and will definitely recommend Blue leaf estate auctions to anyone."
    – Grace
  • "Great awesome estate auction company they do such a great job ,way better that a regular estate sale so pleased !!!"
    – Daniel Adams
  • "I had a sale through Blue Leaf to handle my mother's estate after she moved into assisted living. I met with Ira, one of their representatives who was very helpful during the process. The auction went by quickly, and I was very surprised with how much money my mother's stuff brought. The auctioneer is very good, which is no wonder why it went so well! I would definitely use Blue Leaf again if I ever move!"
    – Timm Raymundo
  • "I am so glad that I heard you on Mark Asher’s radio show. You sounded like you knew what you were doing and what you were talking about so I called and boy am I glad I did. You really made this situation a lot better than what it was going to be. Thank you Blue leaf estate auctions for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone who needs assistance selling their estate."
    – Dean
  • "Man you guys did it! I really need to write this because we were truly impressed with what went on from beginning to end with this whole ordeal. When mom died, we flew out blindly to Phoenix. Your company was recommended to us and like true professionals you were so much help. Not having done this before, we had no idea where to start. In our initial phone call you asked all the right questions and you started giving me names and contacts in the Phoenix area to help with our mom’s estate. I believe this was above and beyond and you didn’t have to do this for us. The probate lawyer you introduced us to turned out to be a really nice guy and we can’t thank you enough. Sister and I were really concerned with Mom’s van because it was a specialty van with electric ramps. My husband thought it should bring $5,000 and no less and to our surprise you exceeded that by far. I can’ t say enough about the way you handled the buyers in selling our mom’s personal property. It was truly respectful and with dignity. You really made us feel comfortable and proud of our mom’s belongings the way you talked about the smallest item that mom had. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for our family. You guys are wonderful people at Blue Leaf with great hearts. Sister and I both said that we felt that you put our family and our feelings first. We truly thank you for caring and understanding and doing a fabulous job."
    – Angela and Ray Moss
  • "I want to thank Blue leaf for a wonderful job and taking my sale at the last minute. I had a local estate sale company scheduled to hold a sale at my house and they canceled on me two days before the sale. I was crushed and didn’t know what to do. My real estate agent found Blue leaf on the Internet and set it all up. I was so happy with them and how kind and understanding they were of my situation. They got right to work and were able to get everything sold. My stressful situation worked out so well because of Blue leaf. I can’t thank you enough. Please use them for your estate they can help."
    – Alice C.
  • "Before I knew about the estate auction process, I cleaned out my Grandmother’s house for almost three months straight. There were so many things that we threw out and even donated to Good Will. When I called Blue Leaf Estate Auction, Roland answered the phone and was ready to help answer all of my questions. He asked me if I had thrown anything away and I regretfully said yes. I didn’t realize that what we think may be “trash” can actually be valuable or just valuable to someone else. Roland explained that he had someone available right away to come and look at the remainder of things I had left to make sure it was enough for the estate sale. When I met with Stephanie, she was extremely kind and caring. She assured me that we had enough things still to have the sale, went over the entire process with me, and scheduled my estate sale much sooner than what I had expected. I was happy about that. She was very prompt with sending me all of the information over email that same day as well as scheduling a day to come back and take pictures. The picture process took less than an hour and she took a lot of pictures to help the estate sale be more beneficial. She also explained to me that I was more than welcome to attend the sale. On the day of the estate sale, Blue Leaf had already arrived at my Grandmother’s house before me and I was early! They were so efficient and nice. The process of the sale went smoothly and I enjoyed seeing what an estate auction was all about. Almost everything sold and was completely removed from the house the same day. I could tell that Roland, the auctioneer, was very experienced and good at what he does. He was also very kind to everyone. Overall the entire process went so smoothly and Blue Leaf would be my company of choice if I ever needed another estate auction again. Roland, Stephanie, and their entire team did an amazing job and I’m very thankful for that. J.Baez"
    – J.Baez
  • "We considered many options and many estate sale companies before we found Blueleaf. In comparison we were so pleased we selected Blueleaf to handle the estate of our grandparents home in Phoenix. The house was filled with junk and treasures that had been accumulated for nearly a century. As a family we could not afford to keep the home and we desperately needed to get it ready for sale but we couldn't get through the clutter. Thank you Blueleaf for making this very difficult time easier. You were courteous and professional and we appreciate how nice and friendly you were with us. You gave us time and patience no other company had offered. The entire house and garage was completely empty and ready to put on the market and we are now in escrow. Our entire family would highly recommend Blueleaf Estate Auctions without hesitation. "
    – Stevie A.
  • "Love attending Blue Leaf Auctions ~ very professional, friendly staff who are helpful & courteous. "
    – Shara M.
  • "We want to express our thanks and gratitude to Blue Leaf Auctions for their professionalism, hard work and honesty. We have dealt with auction companies in the past and the process we went through was not pleasant in comparison with this company. We can honestly say we would use the services of Blue Leaf again and we have subsequently told several friends and family about our positive experience. With Thanks. "
    – Karl & Blanca M.
  • "I have been to several Blue Leaf auctions. It's always a lot of fun. I find Rolan and his crew to be extremely helpful and honest. I look forward to attending more of their auctions. I recommend them to anyone looking to liquidate or to attend an auction. "
    – SYS
  • "I have attended many Blue Leaf auctions and had a pleasant experience as well as a lot of fun. The staff is very professional and a great help to anyone needing auction services or who is attending an auction and has questions. I enjoy their professionalism and will attend as many of their auctions as I possibly can. Come join the fun "
    – Bill C.
  • "I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your service and professionalism. You made what could have been a very difficult time, a breeze. I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks about you. Thank you again.

    This is from the Sun City auction we did that Sunday morning with the golf cart. Thanks guys for supporting."
    – Golf cart
  • "I wanted to extend my appreciation to you for the estate auction of my father's residence. I also received your check today as promised and wanted to Thank You for running such a professional and smoothly run process. I still have family and friends who visited that day telling me about how amazing you were and the house left spotless. Should you need a recommendation, let me know. "
    – John Morgan Jr. Minneapolis